Ten ways to keep your relationship strong

It takes more than love to make a relationship works. Many people say that love is the foundation for a happy relationship, but we all know love is not enough. Take it from me, I know. In order to have a healthy relationship, both people need to be willing to work on it.


We all go into relationship thinking that it will be perfect. There will be ups and down, but if You are’re willing to make a long-term commitment to someone. You have to be willing to go through the good and the bad together.


It’s always good to have fun with the one You are with. You can ; play board game together ; bowling ; miniature golf ; go-kart or even playing tricks on each other. My husband and I like to pull each other pants down at home not in public and we just laugh about it. Its always nice to let loose and be a kid at heart and laugh with each other About these things.


You don’t always have to be with each other 24 /7. We are individual people and sometimes we need “Me time”, time for yourself to on wine and do things for yourself. Go shopping alone are with You are girls. Have girls night out, read a book or enjoy a hobby that You are like, and have You are partner do the same. Absent make the heart go fonder.


Sex is great. Intimacy in You are relationship is a great fundamental to any good relationship. If the sex isn’t great at first, You are make it better by being sensitive and open to You are partner and telling them what You are like and don’t like also holding hands, hugging, kissing all these create connection and trust.


Communications is one of the major thing in a relationship. If You are feel like something is missing, or need to improve.its nice to talk about it and then work on it and try to figure out how to improve it. When You are partner talk, be a good listener, talk about You are day. It’s an essential part of having a healthy Communication in You are relationship.


Being honest about You are feelings is one of the most important element to making a relationship last long -term. If You are holding things inside and not expressing how You are feel with You are partner, because You are don’t want to get into a fight. That will only make things worse and when that feeling comes back the outcome will be so bad and there will be no going back. Honesty and openness will help eliminate that and will help reduce the negativity in You are relationship.


Taking vacation regular together allows you are to have more quality time with each other. Put money aside so you have the opportunity to do so and not stress about not having money. It’s always good to make time away a priority, to keep that fire burning and build a stronger relationship. Plus You are Creating New memories together.


Do something amazing and thoughtful. Plan a special night, going to a great restaurant or even staying home and doing a romantic candlelight dinner where You are cook for You are partner. Always do something special. You don’t need to wait on special occasion to do things let that person know that they will always be number one in You are life .


In relationship, we often tell each other that we love each other and sometimes show affection, but sometimes it’s nice to see it written down. Taking the time to write little notes to You are partner. It’s one of the most joyous moment.its nice to wake up or go to work and opening You are purse or found a note in You are pocket that You are partner wrote expressing their love to You are, nothing beats that, it may sound cheesy to some, but for me reading that note melt my heart, because I feel loved on another level, and appreciate it more, because they took the time to do so. What more can You are asked for.


In many relationships, especially mine. I enjoy cooking and my husband doesn’t, but when he does join me in the kitchen it’s the best thing ever. Preparing a meal together can be a fun and enlightening experience. It promotes teamwork and in some ways having each other trying something new.

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  1. Hi Marlene, this is a very interesting post and I very much enjoyed it. I can see that I need to do a lot more of all of these things in my own relationship, especially the date night thing. It is important to make time for each other in our busy lives. Thanks

    1. admin

      Ty Stefanie.glad this help you.

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