Mending Broken Relationship

We all seem to give up on our relationship, thinking it’s never going to work. So what do we do. We do like everyone does give up. Hurt is inevitable in significant relationships.yet pain and strife does not have to mean a relationship is going to end.Many couples find that working through trouble actually makes their relationship even stronger.what they realize is that all relationship require work, love and patience to succeed, and this is especially true when trying to mend a broken relationship.


First thing you want to do is to figure out if you are ready to make it work and if your partner is also willing to do the same. Why did the relationship fizzle in the first place.where did it went wrong. Talk to each other about your needs and wants and what you both want out of the relationship.Listen to each other without arguing. I know that firsthand, that’s a recipe for disaster. You are not trying to go backwards, you are trying to move forward. Start working on your issues right away. Remember why you fell in love in the first place.


Spend time together- Find things that you both like to do together and commit to it, like going on trips, cooking together make your favorite recipe, go to the park, go through old photo albums and tell stories from your early days together, find sometime relaxing watching a great show together. Commit to doing date night once in a while. Maybe recreate your first date. It’s always good to laugh with each other.It was said laughter is the best medicine. Getting enough couple time builds intimacy, opens communication and strengthens your bond, which in turn strengthens your relationship.

Always be honest with each other. Jealously and lies, lead to a good deal of fail be truthful instead of hiding things. No one is perfect. So accept each other’s faults. You both are guarantee to make mistakes or hurt each other’s feelings and it may be difficult to forgive immediately. It’s also good to do things apart, spend time going out with your friends and having fun.its nice to miss each other a bit.


Maintain a satisfying sex life. In the beginning of most relationship the sex was fantastic, but over time it will grow boring or even burdensome from time to matter how young or old you are Maintaining that romantic spark can take real effort and commitment, but a healthy sex life is vital to a healthy relationship. We tend to let other’s things take focus in our life and put our sex life on the back burner.

Work towards both partners feeling safe, comfortable, and connected, and try to negotiate compromise in areas of differing one another goals is more than just offering praise or verbal encouragement. It might mean making sacrifices of time, money, or commitments in order to show you are fully on board.

Accept and appreciate their, quirks instead of trying to change each other. Last forgive each other, because hanging onto the pain of what went wrong in the relationship will only make things forgive and start a new chapter to a better beginning.


Focus on what lies ahead, no relationship is perfect. Relationship takes work and two people to do so.some may not make it, other’s will. Love is about having fun, feeling secure and enjoying your life together, don’t ever lose that.

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