In a better place now.

Read this amazing book called ” The discovery tree of love”. Save my relationship. My husband and I had a rough couple of years in out relationship. Which None of us do and we tell None one, not family nor friends. Everyone thought we were good, but behind close door things were not good.we argue a lot, didn’t do much with each other and out personal intimacy was on life support. We talk divorce many times, but never went though with it. So one day we decided to sit down and about what we wanted and if we wanted it to to go about fixing it.

We started out doing more things together, we both have different hobbies, so we came up with an idea about finding something we both would like to do.we tried ballroom dance which was so much fun.very pricey, we started going out more and spending time at the park and him doing photos of me. He loves to take pictures professionally. I wanted more ideas so I went online looking through Google on how to fix relationship and I came across this book called ” The Discovery tree of Love, How to stay in love forever, dream together and vision as one.” It wasn’t that pricey $8 so I figure why not.

I Started reading and could not put this book down. The Author share her own experience and that made me want to read more. To None everyone goes though it and can come out good on the other side. The book gives great advice. I read other’s, but so for this is my favorite. I love the section about the nine principle for authentic loving communication. Mind blown, amazing how she explain, and how true about so e of the things we do or don’t say. Money well spent on this book.
My husband and I are in a better place now and still working on keeping the passion, excitement and out love grown in out relationship.

Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions or share your own experience. Looking forward to reading them.

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